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Midview Soccer League


Please note, these are the correct # of players on the field per age group:
U7/U8                  6 players
U9/U10                7 players
U11/U12               9 players
U13/U14/U15     11 players
In all of these cases, one of those players is a goalie.

U7      4 x 10 min quarters, ball size 3
U8       2 x 20 min halves, ball size 3
U9/U10  2 x 25 min halves, ball size 4
U11/U12          2 x 30 min halves (offside), ball size 4
U13/14/15  2 x 35 min halves (offside), ball size 5
NO INTENTIONAL HEADING U11 and below: results in an indirect kick.

U7/U8 The goalie cannot punt the ball out
U7/U8 all INDIRECT kick on fouls
U7 does not play with the build out line.
U8, U9 and U10 play with the build out line
Off sides starts with U9

Lorain County Soccer Rules

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