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Midview Soccer League


Please note, these are the correct # of players on the field per age group:
U7/U8                  6 players
U9/U10                7 players
U11/U12               9 players
U13/U14/U15     11 players
In all of these cases, one of those players is a goalie.

U7      4 x 10 min quarters
U8       2 x 20 min halves
U9/U10  2 x 25 min halves (no offside yet U9, U10 will have offside)
U11/U12          2 x 30 min halves (offside)
U13/14/15  2 x 35 min halves (offside)
NO INTENTIONAL HEADING U11 and below:results in an indirect kick.

U7/U8 can punt from the 6 yard box
U7/U8 all INDIRECT kick on fouls